Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Pressed Chicken Sausage
Debone chicken thighs and set in an iced bowl. Mix 2% of salt to total weight of meat. Let set for 1 hour to develop myosin. Chill the grinder and all parts. After 1 hour mix red pepper flakes, sage, coriander, pepper, minced garlic, minced shallot and small dice of slightly frozen bacon into chicken thigh mixture. Grind through a medium die into a iced bowl. Make a slurry with Active RM and ice cold water. Mix into thigh mixture. Cryovac the sausage and press to make 1 inch thick. Cook the sausage to 130 F for 5 minutes to heat set the Active, then cook to 150 F. Chill and cut sausage.

Sunny Side Egg
Buttermilk Pancake
"Hash Brown" Potato
Blueberry Gelee
Strawberry Gelee
Bacon Powder
Table side Poured Maple Syrup

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