Tuesday, August 7, 2012

King Crab, Orange, Grape

King Crab Salad
Thaw the king crab legs under cold running water. Take each section apart, removing the feather bones when pulling apart. Take off the rest of the shell and place meat on paper towel. The section of the leg that connects to the crab is  for the crab salad. Pick out all bones and shells, squeeze out juice and reserve the juice in a container. Finely chop shallot and celery and blanch in a salted pot of water just to tender and remove the bit of the shallot. Mix the dry king crab with lemon aioli, blanched shallots and celery, lemon confit, herbs and lemon juice. Adjust with salt.

King Crab
Orange Vanilla Air
Orange Supreme
Lemon Aioli
Sous Vide Green Grape
Pickled Red Grape
Confit Purple Potato
Picked Micro Herbs
   Bulls Blood
Minus 8

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