Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crab, Meyer Lemon, Kiwi

Cured Lemon
I like to use Meyer lemons because the have a sweeter flavor and a thin layer of pith then a normal lemon. Meyer lemons are a cross between a lemon and a orange of some sort, people don't know what type exactly.
Wash and remove any stickers from the lemon. Slice the lemon as thin as you can on a slicer and remove all seeds. Make a cure 75% sugar to salt and add desired spices and herbs. Spread a quarter inch layer of the cure on a sheet pan and place the sliced lemons in a single layer and cover with a layer of cure, repeat the process until you run out of cure and or lemon slices. Let the lemon slices cure for 3 hours at room temp. Carefully rinse off the cure by dunking the slices in water until the cure is washed off. Place on a paper towl to remove water. Use the lemons right away or cryovac until needed.

Crab Cake
Lemon Curd
Pressed Kiwi
Crab Powder
Sweet Pickle Fluid Gel
Micro Cilantro

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