Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sliceable Truffle Yolk
Eggs are one of my favorite ingredients, their are countless ways to cook and egg. Their are 100 folds on a chef toque which represent 100 different ways to cook an egg. When Making the sliceable yolk separate the whites from the yolk and pass the yolks through a chinois. Their isn't a set amount of yolk needed for the recipe. Mix truffle oil into the yolks to your liking and season with salt. Make 2 inch by 10 inch pouches, out of cryovac bags, for the yolk. The pouches look like freeze pop packages but a lot bigger. Fill the pouches 3/4 full, twist the top of the pouch until you cant twist any more. It will be a perfect cylinder. Tie with butchers twine leaving about 6 inches of twine, so you can clip the pouches to the side of your water bath container. Heat the bath to 158 F. Put your yolk pouches in the bath and clip to the side of the container, by the extra twine with a binder clip. Sous Vide for 1 hour. After cooking hang pouches in the cooler by the twine, so it doesn't get a flat spot, until set. Once set carefully slice open pouches, slice the yolk and adjust the seasoning if need be.

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