Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Egg, Cheese, Duck

Compressed Kale Powder
Kale is one of my favorite vegetables to eat in the raw form. It is very healthy for you, I could write an entire page just on the nutritional value. For the compressed kale powder I like to use black kale also known as Tuscan kale. Remove all the stems from the kale and give the kale a good washing. Lay on paper towels to dry. Heat oil to 300*F, about an inch and a half in a saute pan. Carefully fry the kale until crispy about 20 to 30 seconds and place on dry paper towels. While the kale cools to room temperature get your robot coupe ready. Add tapioca maltodextrin(the amount of malto depends on how much kale you are doing) to the robot coupe, add your kale and season. Mix until it comes to a nice fluffy powder, you might have to add more malto or fried kale to get the texture right. Once you got that down put the powder in a cryovac bag and seal on the highest setting. Let the kale powder sit in the bag for about 30 minutes. After sitting open the bag and take off chunks when needed.

Herb Goat Cheese
Pickled Carrot
Tomato Mousse
Dried Tomato
Duck Confit
Preserved Lemon Zest
144 degree Egg
Smoked Maldon

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