Friday, April 17, 2015

Food Photography

After Reading a lot about food photography-background, tabletops and lights are the three most important aspects of taking a good photograph. Ever since I was a kid food was my only huge passion, now that I have discovered the art digital photography I have grown to love it and made it my second passion in life.

I like to shoot with a black background it makes all the colors pop in the picture. What you need is about 3 yards of black felt and a lint roller. Play around with the lighting you will get your favorite positions very quickly.
Very inexpensive sheet of black Plexiglas will elevate every picture taken. With the sexy reflections and popping color your photography will turn heads. What you need is 4’x4’ black Plexiglas and Windex. Keep your glass clean and shoot some amazing pictures.
I like to use three LED lights at various angels to show different shadows, textures and color. It’s easy to play around with the technique of positioning and buffering the lights, put your own twist with every photograph to make them your own unique art.

Butter Poached Lobster
Hearts of Palm
Lobster Corral
Picked Herbs

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  1. Wow.. Impressive!Thanks for the useful Info! This is quite a precise information about aspects relevant to food photography. I would say that along with the lines of black background, white background helps you to play with lighting to bring out more colours in the picture you have clicked.