Thursday, October 16, 2014

Monkfish, Escargot, Yukon Gold

 Yukon Gold Purée 
Wash and peel your potatoes then large dice them. Put them in a pot and cover the potatoes with cream and season with salt. Simmer the potatoes and the cream until the cream reduces by half check the seasoning. Push the potatoes through a tamis then and the smooth potato mixture and cream into a mixing bowl with a whisk attachment and mix. Add butter slowly to the whipping potatoes, my ratio is 75% butter to 100% total cooked potato weight. Once all the butter is added adjust the seasoning and pass the potatoes through a chinois. Heat as needed.

House Cured Bacon
Yukon Gold Purée
Confit Tomato Vierge
Black Garlic
Potato "Chip"
Pork Hock Jus
Nasturtium Flower and Leafs
Chive Blossoms
Snap Dragons

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