Monday, November 3, 2014

Salmon, Beet, Lemon

Microwave Beet cake

200g Whole Eggs
25g AP Flour
20g Beet Powder
Salt and Pepper

Blend ingredients with a hand blender and strain through a chinois. Put all of the batter into an ISI canister and charge with 2 charges. Shave well and chill for two hours. Poke a few hole in the bottom of a 16 ounce deli container and microwave the batter for 30-40 seconds or until set. Keep in an air tight container until needed.

Line Caught King Salmon
Beek Micro Cake
Golden Beet Puree
Red Beet Puree
Shaved Beets
Buttermilk Gel
Shoyu Salmon
Lemon Comfit
Roasted Golden Beet
Roasted Red Beet
Dijon Cream
Charred Leek
Nasturtium Leafs

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