Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cured Line Caught Sturgeon

Cured Line Caught Sturgeon
Take the skin off the filet also removing all the blood line. Portion to 145 grams and lay them on paper towels. To make the cure, mix salt, sugar, lemon zest, crushed coriander seed, pepper flake, crushed cumin seed, parsley and cilantro. Leave the sturgeon on the paper towels and spread the cure only on the top of the portioned filets. Let the sturgeon cure for 2 hours. After 2 hours rinse the filets under cold water and pat dry. Heat a saute pan to almost smoke point. Sear the filet skin side up, in a touch of oil, until golden brown, flip and add a spoon full of butter. Let the butter brown and baste the fish until medium. Place the fish on and paper towel before plating.

Pomegranate gastrique
Pomegranate Seeds
Winter Squash Mash
Black Garlic Paste
Pistachio Streusel
Golden Cauliflower Pudding
Marques de Valdueza Spanish Olive Oil
Ruby Streak Mustard Greens

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